Aim High;
Let Gravity Do the Rest

31 Days
138 Hours Played
65,417 Hands
100,357.72 VPP
$10,729.20 Table Winnings

When setting goals for myself, I rarely fail to set the bar inordinately high. This month was no different. While I failed to play 60 hours per week, or to stay on pace for Supernova Elite in 6 months, I am very happy with what I accomplished. I played more hours and twice as many hands as any month in the past two years. With VPP, rakeback, and bonuses I made a little over $21k this month, and after coaching it's closer to $23k. In short, January 2010 was my best month ever. So far.

But enough bragging. What have I learned? More than anything, I've verified some of my previous assumptions:
  • Proper diet, exercise, and sleep are vital to performing at a high level over a sustained period of time.
  • Not looking at my results makes it so much easier to relax and just play poker. (see graph below.)
  • Grinding through tough sessions now makes it easier to grind through tough sessions later.
  • Adding tables reduces my winrate in BB/100, but improves my hourly earnings.
  • I must really love poker to not hate it yet. If you had told me as a child that when I grew up I would get paid six figures a year to play computer games and listen to Metallica, I would have been completely psyched.
  • I am capable of much more than I have accomplished in the past.


  1. Nice work Buddha, good to see your coherent and thoughtful approach paying dividends. Just keep a weather eye out for burnout!

  2. Congrats on your best month yet! Surely you will top this one soon with the kind of volume you are putting in.

    Best of luck in Feb!

  3. i played with you alot limit holdem at 3/6 and didnt think much of your play back then, actually i welcomed you at the table because i thought i had an edge

    now it seems when we play 10/20 its the other way around, i actually fear you a bit and try to avoid you

    incredible accomplishment

    the guy that plays too loose