Flash Fiction Folio Cover Vote

Just one week to go on my Flash Fiction Folio Kickstarter, so I'm taking this opportunity to get your valued opinion on which cover I should use. Neither of these is 100% polished, and you can vote for a third option: None of the Above. I'll probably go with the majority on this, but more detailed comments may be given more weight. At least one voter will receive a special rewards upgrade. Leave your vote in the comments here or on Kickstarter.

Update: I've added a third option, which is suspiciously similar to Cover Number 1. This is a mock up, so Cover Number 3 could still look a fair bit more different.
Cover Number 1

Cover Number 2

Cover Number 3

Cover Number 4
There isn't a fourth mock up yet, but picture the reverse angle on a hooded figure, maybe between two brick buildings. No face, since it's from the rear. It would still have a flash of blue lightning.


  1. I vote for neither of the two. Oh wait, None of the Above. I'm not very good at following instructions. :D

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  3. 1-st one. 2-nd one is too agressive IMO. 1-st one has some golden ratio in it.

  4. i kind of agree with monty brewster aka Yuliya... although i think number 1 is better than 2

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I've added two new options and await your replies. :)

  6. It may be me, but I see some humor in all of these covers. Yes, they're spooky and atmospheric, but I would not say melodramatic. Am I wrong in reading some humor, of the tongue in cheek kind, in these covers? Anyway, my first choice is #1, my second choice is #4, my third choice is #3, and my fourth choice is #2. It may be a bit too head-on ominous. Whatever cover you choose, I'm cool with it and, most importantly,I look forward to reading the stories.

  7. I like #2 aiaec

    - the shape of the hood over #1
    - the color over #2
    - the shading of the lower face makes the eyes more prominent over #1
    - the centered layout just feels soooo much better than trying to counter-balance the face/title with the author's name

    I like the brightness of the lightning in #1 more than I do what is in #2

    All that said....#4 sounds like it could be cool....guess we'll have to wait and see

  8. TBH, both #1 and #3 have a feeling like you're hit by a lightning bolt- maybe that lightning bolt could emit from a source a little bit farther away, more back there in the distance without hitting you in the head :D
    I still like #1 a bit more than #3 because of more detail and gradient colours of the lightning bolt, but then again #3 has less detail and maybe it allows more imagination for the reader and vector style stuff might suit better for covers and logos and so on, might like #3 with some colours added.