Poker Player Bill of Rights

From superusers to colluders, from shady sites to greedy governments, poker players are constantly at risk of being cheated, swindled, and defrauded. While intelligent players look out for themselves and each other, not everyone has access to enough information to keep safe. There should be an organization keeping an eye on these things, allowing players to focus on playing.

Before an organization can fight for our rights, we first must establish what those rights are. To this end, I have drafted a Poker Player Bill of Rights. I have defined and explained each right below, and followed that with an assessment of where we currently stand on protecting these rights.

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1. Legal and social recognition that poker is a game of skill which contains elements of chance and is frequently played for money.

2. Legislation explicitly protecting the right to play.

3. Legal penalties for cheating consistent with severity of infraction.

4. Fair tax laws which are in line with other businesses for professionals and allow everyone to net their wins and losses.

5. Opportunity to compete against an international field.

6. Effective controls for responsible gaming as well as age and identity verification.

7. A fair and impartial deal.

8. Effective site security to prevent cheating, including bots, collusion, and data-mining.

9. Fair and impartial treatment from sites and the law regardless of playing habits.

10. Timely and informed customer support and transparency when an account is being investigated.

11. Account security, including privacy of personal information.

12. Quick access to funds kept in accounts separate from operating funds.

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