Villain's Lament

After a four year hiatus from playing music outside of my apartment, I've finally got a new group together. I use the word 'new' rather loosely, since this group includes both Logan (lead vocals) and Danny (drums) from my old band, Voice of a Secret. But Logan is strapping on a guitar this time, freeing me up to play much more lead guitar, which is my principle reason for existence as a musician. What really makes this a 'new' band, though, is the addition of two new members: Lauren (lead vocals and keys) and Jason (bass and vocals).

Throwing two more excellent musicians to the mix has filled out the sound to something I feel I've always had in my head, but never quite put together. I'm even singing some now, leaving us with four vocalists, two guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards. The burden of mixing all of this falls to Danny, who's doubles as our in house producer. So far he's put two of our songs together in commendable fashion. You can listen to them here: