Buddha Out

To those who have clicked through from Stoxpoker, "Hello!" and thank you. To those who haven't, here are the cliff notes: I recently left the poker training site that I was previously making coaching videos for. I'm not prepared to discuss the reasons for my departure, but it is a decision that resulted from heavy consideration. In poker and life, all we can do is make the best decision based on the information we have, and I believe that's what I have done here. Time will tell.

I have felt very distracted for the past week, and not logged many hands as a result. I'm currently at just over 56k hands on the month. I can't be too unhappy with this, as my best month last year was just over 30k hands. By month's end I expect to have more than doubled my best month from last year, so that's a solid start to the year. My goal for February will simply be to improve on January. I'm also at 87k VPP out of 1 million, so I have to step it up considerably to earn my free WSOP entry before July.

With that, it's just past low noon, and time for the grind. I've got a good 6 or 7 hours before the sun comes up.


  1. Sorry to see you leave Stox but wishing you all the best.

  2. See you on the other side. ;)