Drag the Bar

Few will believe me when I tell them I decided to quit my old site without plans to continue coaching in the near future, but it's the truth. Aside from my study group, I would have been happy to grind away the next five months in relative obscurity. But when opportunity knocks, I try to keep an open door. And the opportunity presented to me by Drag the Bar was too good to pass up.

As of today, I am the first limit hold'em coach at dragthebar.com, a wonderfully built coaching website which has already assembled a large handful of legendary no limit hold'em coaches. I'm excited to be working with a cast of such talented, enthusiastic and likable characters. But I'm even more psyched to create a cohesive curriculum for limit hold'em from scratch.

My grandfather was an architect, and I've always been somewhat of a builder (crazy Lego skills). I plan to present the game from the bottom up, with an entertaining introductory series. I'll be coming at it from all angles, though, with a series combining live play and in depth post session analysis for some more advanced content. Of course, I'll also be hyperactive in the forums; it's my biggest addiction. I have a whole mess of other plans, but I'll save those for another day. For now, I'd like to thank Hunter Bick and Drag the Bar for this opportunity to unleash my passion for the game in the most constructive and co-ordinated way I know how.

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  1. The best of success to you Manicapathy. Always enjoyed listening to Hunter. You're in good company.