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I just completed my first two Drag the Bar videos this weekend. I spent about 10 hours on the first one and 6 to 8 hours on the second. I'm not exactly a model of efficiency. It would be accurate to say that I'm something of a perfectionist. I could have spent twice as long on each and still not been completely satisfied, but I think the end product should be up to standards. As a musician, I'm used to spending 20 plus hours recording a 3 minute song, so poker videos seem like a bargain to me.

My first video is a stand alone titled Learning How To Learn. Aside from two Limit Holdem book recommendations, the video is intended for players of all games and levels. The general premise is that you should have a plan for how you're going to work on your game. If you want to be more efficient in your study habits, check it out.

My second video is the start of my series The Sixth Star, which follows my 2010 journey to Supernova Elite. Each video begins with a short power point snippet summarizing a few things I do to facilitate playing lots of hands. Like my first video, these segments should be universally applicable to players of all game types. The first one is pretty basic (yet critical), but future topics may be less intuitive. The video continues with some live 4 tabling action on Stars, followed by an in depth session review. How long the series goes on will depend entirely on how long it takes me to get my SNE. February has been a bit slow, but I have something thoroughly insane planned for March/April, so I should be making good headway at that point.

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