It's About Time

I've always had a hard time with external forces structuring my time.
Apprehension shadows every minute when an appointment looms.
When there is nothing required of me, I am at peace. Relaxed.
But I've come to Germany,  to the land of structure.
You're not allowed to take a shower after 11.
You can't do the laundry after 9.
So when in Germany,
You do as the
Now it
seems that
the time is here
to make my schedule.
Each morning I'll wake up
about 10 A.M. I will start my day.
Eat some breakfast, go for a walk, stretch.
Two hours of poker, snack, yoga, then more poker.
Four days per week, it's off to the gym for serious exercise.
Kettlebells and free weights, then kick and punch the heavy bag.
Dinner, then grind more hands and words. Much work. It's about time.

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