Ich Bin Strikter Vegetarier

Well, that's what Google Translate tells me, anyway. On Day 2 of my journey, I did a little language research to prepare for the supermarket. It turns out there are a decent number of soy products, including banana soy milk! It's quite tasty. I'll buy some seitan and soysages tomorrow. Sadly, I haven't found any black beans. They're all kidney and baked beans, and all with sugar added. But I got a nice bag of apples for only .99€. The euro is losing steam on the dollar, so my money's going a bit further than I'd anticipated.

My attempts at opening a local bank account were thwarted by my lack of registered address here. I'll try again tomorrow at HSBC, which advertises exceptional service for expats. Hopefully sleep will come for me now and erase the insomnia of yesterday.


  1. Try to find the Asian Markets. Besides having yummy food, especially for vegetarians, they have black beans - though I don't know how international Hamburg is in that regard. Alternatively, a good turkish market will have the freshest produce and will often carry stuff like black beans.

    You usually need a physical address to get a bank account. It's kind of backwards, as often you need a bank account to get a physical address. Many of my colleagues sort that out, by giving out their work address and working from there, but I don't know how your situation is, if you can have a friend receive the initial mail for you?

    Anyway, good luck on settling in!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Bellatrix! I found some good stuff at the bio markt, but I'll definitely check out the Asian and Turkish markets.