I May Never Go Home

I arrived in Vegas about six hours ago. During my irritating trip through airport security, then my first flight and layover, I was planning to write a Seinfeld-esque blog about air travel. "What's up with those 3 oz. containers? I mean, you can't take a pair of scissors on board, but pen's are okay? I guess they never saw Grosse Pointe Blank or The Bourne Identity." But we all know about airport security. It sucks. It's a pain in the ass, and if someone was really motivated to hijack a plane, I'm sure they could still do it. Moving on.

On my second flight, I witnessed an amusing game of musical chairs between a middle-aged woman, her redheaded daughter, and some dude.

MOM: What seat are you in?
DUDE: The middle one there.
MOM: Would you mind switching with my daughter? She's the redhead over there.
DUDE: Sure. What's Her Name?
MOM: Kristin.

DUDE goes over to REDHEAD, sitting across the aisle.
DUDE: Kristin? Your mom asked me to switch with you.
REDHEAD: Oh. Thanks.

REDHEAD gets up and smiles at DUDE, who takes her seat.
DUDE: Sorry guys, I know I'm not as good looking.

REDHEAD blushes and sits next to her mom.
MOM: Would you take the middle seat? Sacrifice for your mom?
MOM: Or would you like me to switch seats with him?
REDHEAD: Actually, yeah. Danny already gave me permission. He said he wouldn't mind. I told him he would.
MOM: Guys always mind.

Anyway...the reason I may never come home is that I've luckboxed myself into a thoroughly ridiculous hotel suite at Vdara. They ran out of the room size I had reserved, so they gave me a massive free upgrade. This thing has a full kitchen complete with dishwasher. The master bathroom has separate shower and bath, along with two sinks. There's a second bathroom in the living room, right next to the washer and dryer. The living room itself has a desk with free wi-fi, a huge couch in front of a 52" TV, and another table with four chairs. And the bedroom has a comfortable king size bed and its own TV, of course.

The hotel itself is between Bellagio and Aria, both of which have cash games I'll be playing in, but are far back enough from the strip to feel like a relaxing escape. I'll be here for 11 days, so this was the right time to pick the right hotel. I was in a good mood on the way out here, and things are beginning to look even better.

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