Road Trip

Unlike most online poker pros, I love live poker. I love it for all the reasons many hate it. The people. The pace of the game. The sound of the chips clacking together. The feel of dragging a big pot and stacking my winnings into massive pyramids. Well, everyone loves that last part.

The pace is what kills most online players. We see so many fewer hands per hour. Patience, which was once paramount in poker, can almost be sidestepped online by adding more tables, or playing this aberration they call RUSH. I like to do everything fast, unless it's worth doing slow. But the best life advice I can offer is this: don't rush.

So I'm going back to where patience is at a premium. I'm heading down to the Borgata in Atlantic City tonight. I'll be there until the sun comes up. If anyone's in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by and say hi. I'll be getting my live poker reps in, taking my time, warming up for the WSOP.

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