To Do (Ha Ha!)

I'm a big fan of To Do lists. Maybe it goes back to my parents' "To Do (Ha Ha!)" file*, but I'm great at making lists of things to do. I'm slightly less awesome at crossing everything off of them. I've pretty much been moping around the house all day, not for any particular reason. But we're coming up on low noon here on the East Coast, and that usually means I'm about to get productive. At the very least, it means I'll force myself to write a blog. Here's my to do list before dawn:

  • Print out a copy of "No Balls, Two Strikes" and mail it to my grandmother along with a Happy New Year card.
  • Get at least "very close to done" with Part 2 of my newest poker article.
  • Indulge in shameless self-promotion for my Flash Fiction Folio.
  • Eat some warm oatmeal with maple syrup.
  • Walk my girlfriend's sister's dog.

* (My mom had written "To Do" in pen. My dad responded by writing "Ha Ha!" in pencil, referencing the fact that items stayed in the folder past their due dates.)


  1. Walked the dog twice already. I guess that's the easy part.

  2. HaHa indeed! Funny!

    Don't think walking the doggie twice was the easy part. Would think eating warm oatmeal with maple syrup might answer.

    Cheers, mate!