Patriotism Is A Character Flaw

“USA! USA! USA!” the crowds chanted outside the White House. “USA! USA! USA!” the crowds chanted at the ballpark. What few of these people realize is that this feeling they have coursing through their veins as they shout their brains out - that’s the feeling that inspired the murder of everyone in the World Trade Center. That feeling is the cancer that has had the human race destroying itself for all of recorded history. It’s us against them. They call it patriotism. I call it disgusting.

I wrote a piece about my views on patriotism. Read the rest here:

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  1. Amen, sir. I agree with you completely. My first feeling after hearing the news that Osama had been killed was a strong desire not to see some photo surface of U.S. soldiers behaving like 14-year-olds with his body.

    This situation demands some stoicism, and 99% of Americans don't seem to grasp that.