Zen Madman Day 20 of 100

One week without an update. Things have been slow. Here's a running (behind schedule) tally of the first 20 days:
  • 39,000 VPPs
  • 6 Taekwon-Do classes
  • 5 music practices
  • 14 blogs
  • 17 poker videos
  • 1 party


  1. Hey big guy, a little worried about you. When you first started this challenge, I thought it was a lot to bite off - but if we don't stretch ourselves, we don't grow, right?
    There is no shame in setting an outlandish goal, and not quite getting there. Pushing yourself is the bit that matters!
    I hope I'm wrong, and you're setting up for a big reveal.


  2. Hej Paul, how are you doing? Everything's fine?