When Opportunity Knocks This Hard, I'll Answer The Door In My Underwear

It's no secret to anyone that knows me that I have a tendency to overextend myself. For instance, my plans for August included:
  • Promoting my book Way of the Poker Warrior
  • Making about a dozen videos for DragTheBar
  • Catching up on my Supernova Elite grind
  • Moving into a bigger apartment
  • Recording a single with Villain's Lament
  • Starting a record company
  • Doing some light writing for my next book
That's a fairly ambitious list and fails to include stuff like forum posting, martial arts practice, band practice, and having fun. Throw those things in and my schedule's looking pretty full.

Despite all of these commitments and plans, when I got a call from Dusty Schmidt asking if I wanted to work with him on his new book, my decision was a snap call.

I can't divulge the details of the project, but it's going to be a strategy book for No Limit Holdem. Dusty supplies the expertise, and I drop it on the page as eloquently as I can, throwing in a student's perspective and maybe some combo analysis here and there.

Penning a book with such an illustrious co-author is obviously huge for my writing career. I mean, who's not going to buy a strategy guide written by a guy who's crushed the everliving hell out of mid and high stakes No Limit for four years? It's also huge for my poker career.

In my quest to become a more well-rounded poker player (and someday to play $4k/$8k in Bobby's Room), I've been working hard on my No Limit game. The best part of working on this book is that I get to talk NL strategy for two or three hours a day with a world class player. I feel like I've learned more about big bet poker in the last three days than I had in the previous three years. And if I'm learning, that means the reader will, too. I guarantee that this book will make you rethink some things that you previously took for granted.

Don't worry, though. Limit Holdem will always be my home. Sauna 10 has just been posted on DragTheBar, and Sauna 11 is recorded and on its way. Sixth Star IV and Buddha's Dojang V are on their way as well, along with some super exciting news that I can't tell you all about yet.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I am making a splash again at limit. The game I love the most actually. It's refreshing to return to what I enjoy more and am probably more well suited to play, even though I suck at everything. Limit still rocks.