Grindathon: Day 28 (Final Day!)

After 207.5 hours and 80,022 hands, my Grindathon is finally done. I will leave my building tomorrow and not play poker. At some point, I will post a coherent summary, but for now, here is today's video:


  1. Congratulations Paul, pretty darn solid accomplishment. Pretty surprised you opened up your game during this time period, increasing you number of decisions in a bit of unfamiliar territory seems unduly harsh, but you did it, impressive.

    Talk to you soon via pm, I may include a question or two about Drag the Bar. Again, very well done Paul.

  2. Congrats man - I guess now would be the time to challenge you to some sparring, but alas, I'm smarter than that....
    Spring is here, so hopefully the fresh air is doing you some good and you are now a 1,000 times better than when you started.