Grindathon: Day 4

8 hours
2,939 hands
4,499 VPP


  1. I'm a little ticked off you waited 'til now to tell us of the head massager and it's online utility(much too much emphasis on combos and the like in your videos lol), maybe now I can break my Full Tilt breakeven streak.

    I'll beg to differ with you and Aleksa regarding screen names and reads. I do think it is an advantage for me playing against someone who has verbalized their thought processes(or posted, like on 2+2, etc).

  2. Knowing a coach's screen name gives you some information that you can leverage, but it goes both ways. As a coach, I know what information I've put out there about my game. So when I change my game... there's a good chance my opponents are playing against the old me. It changes the metagame, more than anything.

    But I agree it can give you an edge if you use it properly. I just don't see how it justifies breaking the rules. But since I do need a counter edge, I have to keep things like head massagers to myself for a while.