I just finished writing my very first article, and this morning it was published in It's the first in a series and serves as an overview of online poker legislation. You can find it here:

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Below is an excerpt:

"Over a decade ago a good friend of mine started playing online poker. Despite being an avid poker player myself, I was highly skeptical. Was it safe? Wouldn't it be easy for players to cheat? Could you trust the shuffle? How would you get money on and off? Was it even legal? Lacking clear answers to these questions, I put off playing online for several years. Unfortunately, there are still no clear answers to some of these questions, and many who would enjoy online poker are staying away for precisely that reason...

...There are several bills which will soon be brought to Congress that may clear up the situation. 
Among others, Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) has pledged to introduce legislation to regulate online poker. Perhaps a decade from now we'll look back and wonder how the situation was ever so confused. I hope so. No one should fear they're wagering their liberty to exercise their freedom."

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