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Who am I?

I would label myself a "free-thinker". I'm not really into thinking outside the box. I'd rather leave the box out of the conversation. Ironically, I've just failed to do that.

Quick life story: I grew up in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. My first ambition was to be a cheese delivery man. This didn't pan out as I became a vegetarian at age 5 (pretty much when I found out that chicken came from chicken) and a vegan at age 20 (I'm not so good with moderation). For most of my childhood I wanted to be a professional baseball player. That dream was waylaid by the lure of technology.  My computer programming career was cut short at age 14 by the difficulty in generating truly random numbers on a machine - more irony to follow.

Now I use computers to make my living playing something which ESPN alleges to be a sport (that would be poker, which requires random numbers). I also play music (guitar and bass mostly) and practice martial arts a little bit. Okay, I don't do anything a little bit - I think I mentioned the thing about moderation. In fact, Taekwon-Do is the only thing which drags me out of my cave on a regular basis. Actually, I live in a Manhattan apartment.

I'd like to travel a lot in the next few years, find a way to prosper in these bleak times, and maybe even make a small dent in the huge problems our world faces. Okay, so I can't settle for a small dent (again, not so much with the moderation). But I've found that when you aim to hit something as hard as you can, something usually gives.

I left out the bit about wanting to be a writer when I was thirteen. I suppose that's the reason for this blog. But what I am I going to write about? Your guess is as good as mine. After all, when a Zen Madman sets along a Rambling Path, he doesn't know where he's going unless he's lost.

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  1. More, please, from manicapathy. Want to find out where the path takes the zen madman.